Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of the release of Lana Del Rey's Born To Die, one of the greatest and most iconic — in the genuine sense of the word — debut albums of the past decade. (Fight me if you disagree.)

We know that Lana is gearing up to release (and also save) music in 2017, which is almost surely why she's now doing some photo shoots with her sister, Chuck Grant, as evidenced in a new Instagram post today (Feb. 1) that doubles as an unbelievably satisfying moment of zen. (Crucial these days, no?)

"The other day when my sister was taking pictures, my make up artist asked me to go upstairs to see if I liked my make up - while I was checking it in the phone, the most beautiful song came on K jazz… I looked it up later and it's called spark by hiromi. Just wanted to say thank you Pamela for my beautiful make up and thank you Chuck for my beautiful pictures, and thanks to the station for playing this pretty song that reminded me that those who are lucky enough to be by the sea are lucky enough," she captioned the video, which looks like a continuation of the video for "High By The Beach" — but without a helicopter explosion.

Hiromi is a critically acclaimed Japanese-born, Berklee School of Music-taught jazz-classic-rock-something-or-other hybrid composer and pianist, and "Spark" is the lead song and title track of her 2016 studio album with Anthony Jackson and Simon Phillips.

If you would like to be briefly transported elsewhere like the Queen of Coney Island, have a listen to Spark below. (And then listen to Born To Die, because it's the only right way to celebrate the album's birthday.)

Lana's Most Stunning Stage Looks:

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