When in life you are handed a lemon, make lemonade.

It’s been a tough go at Lamoine Community Arts for the past year plus. They have had to cancel many events, including not just the Spring and Fall productions they do every year, but their big fundraiser the June yard sale wasn’t a go last year. So back to sentence number one about making lemonade.

Lamoine Community Arts’ Virtual fundraiser is underway. You can go online and bid on items until May 22nd. Check out the marketplace here

Lamoine Community Arts

Purchase now virtually and pick up the items at the end of the month.

Lamoine Community Arts

Lamoine Community Arts, is a not for profit organization aiming to provide diverse opportunities in the performing and visual arts for the enjoyment of Lamoine and surrounding communities. All are welcome to participate regardless of age or experience.

And yes they do plan to be back at it with a fall production in October.

Lamoine Community Arts

So whether it is homemade baked goods, clothing, arts or crafts take a look at the virtual market and purchase something.


Lamoine Community Arts

For those who say, gee I have everything I will ever need, maybe you can just click the donate button and  help out.

Carol Duffy is the LCA President and says:

Due to COVID, LCA has been unable to hold our usual fundraisers. Members and friends have donated paintings, craft items, and baked good for our Virtual Marketplace. All proceeds will go towards staging future productions and maintaining the Lamoine Grange.


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