Lady Gaga is currently hard at work preparing for her Super Bowl halftime extravaganza on Sunday, February 5 in Houston — presumably finding a large enough pink cowboy hat to be seen from the highest of seats.

But has she already found herself feeling comfy in a stadium setting?

According to the Boston Globe, reps for the "Diamond Heart" singer-songwriter are in talks with Fenway Park to book a show this summer, leading to speculation that a massive stadium tour may be underway to promote her latest studio album, Joanne.

"Lady Gaga, who’ll headline the Super Bowl halftime show next month in Houston, is expected to tour next summer and we’re told a date at Fenway Park is a distinct possibility. Nothing’s official — yet — but the folks at Live Nation are working on it," the newspaper reveals.

Gaga premiered tracks from her latest studio album in an intimate setting on the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour towards the end of 2016. Now, it sounds as though she's planning to go the opposite route and open up the seating capacity to fill a much bigger venue. (Like...way, way bigger.)

Will you be one of the Little Monsters in attendance?

Lady Gaga Performs on the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour:

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