For many, the past four years may have felt like the Hunger Games come to life. It was perhaps ironic, then, that inaugural national anthem performer Lady Gaga (likely) unintentionally channeled her inner Katniss Everdeen on Wednesday (January 20).

Though Gaga's style typically leans closer to that of Effie Trinket, with her penchant for boundary-pushing, avant-garde couture, the pop icon's inaugural sartorial ensemble ended up conjuring images of Katniss instead thanks to a large gold brooch Gaga wore on her jacket.

Though the brooch, a dove carrying an olive branch, was meant to symbolize peace and unity, on social media the fashion statement draw comparisons to that of Katniss' iconic Mockingjay pin—an emblem of rebellion against the oppressive government in the Hunger Games series.

It's unclear if Gaga had intended to reference the Hunger Games—and to be fair it's quite unlikely considering her brooch was clearly a dove holding an olive branch, a universal symbol of harmony—but that didn't stop Twitter from having a field day comparing Gaga to Katniss.

"Lady Gaga dressed like she's from the Capital [sic] but sympathetic to Katniss," one user tweeted, while another tweeted that Gaga was giving a "'Girl on Fire' vibe," in reference to one of Katniss' nicknames in the Hunger Games franchise.

See these and more hilarious reactions, below:

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