Ordering something on Amazon is great. Click a few buttons and what you want is at your door in as little as a day. Returning something to Amazon however is bit more challenging, but that's about to change thanks to Kohl's.

In 2017, Amazon partnered with Kohl's to handle Amazon returns in select cities. Now the service will be available at all Kohl's stores, including those in Maine.

When you need to return something, you just go to Amazon's site and select your item for return, choose Kohl's as the method and then bring in your item to Kohl's. They take care of all the shipping, you don't need to box it up and there's no charge for the service.

Why would Kohl's do this you ask? Isn't Amazon the competition? Well, if you're already in their store to return something you bought from someone else, you just might want to take a look around and maybe buy a little something there.

Amazon returns at Kohl's are set to start in July. You can find Kohl's stores in Auburn
Augusta, Bangor, Biddeford and Westbrook.


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