Thrive Productions in Auburn is proud of this locally-made film about the 'drag' world.


What is 'Kings & Queens' About?

According to Elmer J. Howard from Auburn who owns Thrive Productions, it's about the drag world. He says, 'People are almost universally familiar with the term ‘drag queen’ in a variety of contexts, but have you heard of drag kings? Kings and Queens, tells a story about one such person and is potentially a breakout film for this year, introducing the public to a lesser-exposed and certainly underappreciated cultural segment of drag. The movie centers on Lucy, a newly-single young lesbian down on her luck as she struggles to discover her true self. When she finds herself at a new job with a drag scene, things begin to change for her, and a sense of hope emerges.'

- Thrive Productions
- Thrive Productions

Where in Portland was 'Kings & Queens' filmed?

They feature what is currently Portland's only gay bar: Blackstones. Plus, three local drag queens and a drag king are in the film. It was filmed in Portland over three days in August 2020. Some of the locations include Geno’s Rock Club on Congress Street (presented as gay bar Blackstones), the Leonard Bond Chapman House on Capisic Street, and Little Ghost vintage clothing store on Forest Avenue.

Where can I see the movie 'Kings & Queens'?

Well right now you can't. The 30-minute film, directed by Howard, is still in the film festival circuit. It's getting rave reviews and awards! But hang tight and we will let you know when Mainers can see this film. Congrats to Howard for a great film!



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