Back In The Day Café fans, show some love for The King of Pop!

It’s hard to believe it, but 11 years ago today, the world lost Michael Jackson. I vividly remember walking down the street with my face buried in my phone (not much has changed since) scrolling through Facebook and seeing the news that he had passed. I remember hearing at the time that he hadn’t been in the best of health, but it was a shock nonetheless to lose an icon, and someone I’d spent countless hours listening to. My attempts at doing the moonwalk in my bedroom as a child, left shoe marks on the wooden floors, much to my mothers dismay.

Despite the controversy that surrounds MJ and how he lived his life, his musical accomplishments speak for themselves. He has racked up sales of over 350 million records worldwide. “Thriller” is the best-selling album of all time, with estimated sales of 66 million copies worldwide. “Bad “was the first album to produce five Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles. He had an astonishing 13 number one singles in all. Jackson is the most awarded artist in the history of popular music, he received 13 Grammy Awards, the Grammy Legend and Grammy Lifetime Achievement awards, 6 Brit Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and 39 Guinness World Records, including the "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time".

Since we are remembering Michael’s music today, I have put together my favorite tracks for everyone to crank up on this beautiful summer day. Behold! Kid’s Ultimate MJ Playlist:

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