The lineup is set for this year, but a guy can dream right?

I have had the pleasure of seeing some legendary artists and groups over the years. I was lucky enough to witness the brilliance of Prince and Van Halen, four times in concert. I have also caught Aerosmith and Sting twice and the amazing Stevie Wonder, one time about twenty years ago in Boston.

Some of my favorite shows have been right here on the Bangor Waterfront! The Beach Boys, Stone Temple Pilots, The J. Geils Band, Steely Dan and Sting are a few that stick out to me.

Of course the schedule is set for this year, but I do have a wishlist of talent that I would love to see perform here in the Queen City.

Foo Fighters-Dave and the boys could get some serious noise complaints in Bangor!

Red Hot Chili Peppers-We need to bring some funk to the Waterfront.

Pearl Jam-I need to get my 90's Grunge on!

Bruno Mars-The closest thing we will get to the late Prince.

Jay-Z-Hip-Hop has been very underrepresented so far.

The Rolling Stones-....Duh

The Who-It would be great to see them before they hang it up.

Beck-Maybe a little off the wall for Bangor, but he puts on an amazing show.

Fleetwood Mac-Ti would be so cool to see the Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks dynamic live on the stage.

Adele-Who wouldn't wanna see the best female singer on the planet?