Prediction: There won’t be a lot of volunteers along the Kenduskeag Stream Trail this Saturday morning.

Probably fewer people than are needed.

But maybe you’ll read this and know someone who would be interested in participating. Maybe you yourself. Or you’ll pass it along to someone who might be able to assist.

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It's time for another "Friends of Lower Kenduskeag Stream" (FOLKS) work day!

Volunteers interested in assisting in the project will meet this Saturday, the 16th behind Penquis on Harlow Street, from 8 a.m. to around 9:30 a.m.

And here are the chores that need to be accomplished.

  • Pruning of vegetation along the trail to increase visibility and keep the trail corridor from narrowing.
  • Pick up litter and clean up graffiti along the trail.
  • Weed whacking behind the In Town Plaza and near the trailhead on Franklin Street behind the Post Office.

Volunteers should bring water (for themselves to stay hydrated), Sun Screen, Bug Spray, and Work Gloves

If you have-Pruning tools such as trail saws, loppers, and pole saws, that would be great too.

Maybe you have a wheelbarrow that could be used too.

FOLKS, for Friends of Lower Kenduskeag Stream, do a great job of keeping this hidden gem a great break for those that work or live downtown Bangor and need a couple of miles to break in the day.

Courtesy Kenduskeag Stream Trail on Facebook
Courtesy Kenduskeag Stream Trail on Facebook

The Kenduskeag Stream Trail is a scenic walking path stretching 2 miles out from downtown and follows the rocky banks of the stream past gorgeous views and historic sites.

Courtesy Kenduskeag Stream Trail Facebook
Courtesy Kenduskeag Stream Trail Facebook

It's a quiet, natural oasis and is maintained by the City of Bangor Parks and Recreation Department and FOLKS.

And the folks do a great job. I’ve been on the trail twice this season, and also noticed something both times that is very heartwarming. It’s no secret that some people down on their luck might find a bench and spend time just hanging out during the day.

Both times this year I’ve walked the trail, there were kind-hearted people dropping off food and water for those less fortunate.  And it was two different citizens, one time a male, one time a female.

What a great sense of community.

We thank you. You make us smile, and help us realize that there are good people out in our city, doing good deeds quietly and without a goal of recognition.

And the volunteers who will be along the Kenduskeag Stream Trail making it more useable, are showing an extreme sense of community as well. And our thanks don’t seem like it is enough.

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