Katy Perry unleashed her latest single unto the world today, the semi-woke-but-risk-averse disco bop, "Chained to the Rhythm." Ignoring the track's possible political connotations, its release begs the question: Which of Katy Perry's lead singles is her best?

She first burst onto the scene with "I Kissed A Girl," which acted as the initial single off her debut album One of the Boys. Perry then followed that up with "California Gurls" feat. Snoop Dogg -- the lead single off her stellar sophomore album (and, by some accounts, still her best release) Teenage Dream. Three years later she came out with "Roar" just ahead of her third studio album Prism.

Each track is appealing in its own way, but the question remains: Which one is best?

Cast your vote in the poll below and ensure your voice is heard!

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