Maine's recreational space for the public is getting bigger and 2022 will see more trails and campsites around the Moosehead Lake and Katahdin region thanks to a recent donation of land.

Maine Sees Donation for Additional Public Lands for Recreation Opportunities

The Moosehead Lake Region has been working hard to create new trails and sites for Mainers and visitors of the state to enjoy.

A recent donation by the Weyerhaeuser Company to the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands has led to more locations for people to participate in the recreation of Maine's great outdoors.

The donation included 31 parcels of land that range from 1 acre to 4 acres of land. These additions have created additional trailhead parking and 26 additional miles of new trails in the Moosehead Lake Region.

Also, this donation has led to additional fishing access to trout ponds and additional campsites with more campsites to come. Some of the campsites are accessible by vehicle, while other campsites are accessible via hiking trails or via water.

Growing Public Lands Access In Maine's Pristine Wilderness

The addition of these donated lands is a part of a larger easement of 350,000 acres taken care of by the Forest Society of Maine. These lands are also complimentary of existing properties by the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands including Lily Bay State Park, Moosehead Lake Shoreline Public Lands, Mount Kineo State Park, Little Moose Public Land, and Cold Stream Forest Public Land, according to a recent newsletter sent out by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry in March 2022. 

Continued Improvements to Trails And Campsites

2022 will see the continuation of improvement of these new land additions including the creation of trail signage, improvements to the trails, and improvements to the campsites, as well. The public will be updated on these improvements via the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands website as well as on social media. Additionally, the Maine Trail Finder website will also include updated information as progress is made.

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