Folks at the Millinocket Memorial Library are trying to encourage people to get outdoors  this winter and try something new. And they're hoping the establishment of a new "gear lending" library will help people who are interested in exploring the Katahdin Region in the snow, but may not have the means to take part in a winter sport.

The implementation of the "Katahdin Gear Library" let's citizens of the area, who have a valid Millinocket Memorial Library card, check out things like snow shoes and skis during the library's regular hours of operation. According to the library's website, "Borrowers must be 18 years or older... Borrowers under 18 must have a legal guardian present with an MML library card."

Folks can check out gear for up to a week, and can renew the gear, too. If you're late returning the gear, there's a small fine. If you break the gear, the cost to replace it is also up on their website.

Aside from providing a link to how to get a library card, and some of the basic details about the gear lending program, the library's website also provides suggestions of where in the region one might want to explore with skis or snow-shoes, and even some videos that offer beginner tips on how to get started.

The winter gear lending season runs from winter to early spring. So if you've ever wanted to try your hand at an outdoor sport, or just wanted to explore the beauty of Northern Maine, this might be a great opportunity for you!


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