UPDATE (Oct. 27):

Kanye West recently apologized to the Jewish community in a recent interview on the Lex Fridman Podcast.

"I'm sorry for hurting you as a Jewish person," Ye said at the 2:21:50-mark of the interview below, which aired on Oct. 24. "I'm sorry for the way that made you feel. And I'm sorry for the entire population of a race that I feel is actually my brothers."

UPDATE (Oct. 20):

See Kanye West's entire interview with Piers Morgan below.


After spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric for the last two weeks, Kanye West is admitting his comments were racist and apologizing in a new interview.

Kanye West's viral press run continues with his latest interview coming with British journalist Piers Morgan. Piers shared a snippet of the upcoming interview on his Twitter feed on Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 19). In the clip, Piers presses Ye on whether or not he feels remorse for his disparaging comments about Jewish people.

"No. Absolutely not," Kanye West replies with a smile.

Piers then attempts to get Kanye to confirm that he knows his claims against Jewish people constitute a form of racism.

"Yeah, obviously. That's why I said it," the Yeezy creator answers. "I fought fire with fire. I'm not here to get hosed down."

Later in the interview, Kanye West seems more reflective and regretful for at least one of his comments.

"You know, I will say I'm sorry for the people I hurt with the death con [statement], the confusion that I caused," Ye admits. "I feel like I caused hurt and confusion. And I'm sorry for the families of the people that had nothing to do with the trauma that I had been through. And that I used my platform, where you say hurt people hurt people, and I was hurt."

This is the first time Kanye West has shown any type of guilt for the controversial and misinformed statements he's been spreading on social media over the last few weeks, beginning with his "White Lives Matter" shirts, continuing with him saying he was "going death con 3 on Jewish people" and making false claims about the manner of George Floyd's death on a since-deleted episode of the Drink Champs podcast.

Ye's full interview with Piers Morgan airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on TalkTV.

Check Out the Clip From Kanye West's Upcoming Piers Morgan Interview Below

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