Justin Bieber really knows how to leave an impression. When he told the world of his comeback single and 2002 tour, he dropped the news on Christmas Eve (December 24).

And now after dropping hints and reminding his fans and the world that he's ready to be back in the spotlight, he has finally premiered the official trailer for his docu-series, Justin Bieber: Seasons.

The video opens up with Bieber sitting in front of the camera looking ready to open up about his story then transitions to news breaking that he canceled his Purpose tour.

"As humans we go through many ups and downs, so many good seasons, bad seasons," he said in the video. "Sometimes we want to give up."

The trailers gives us sneak peeks at future episodes that will feature his wedding, working in the studio and even more intimate moments between wife Hailey Baldwin and him.

You'll also get to hear more of his new single, "Yummy," which releases on January 3.

Before dropping the series, he posted hints like this one.

Justin Bieber: Seasons will premiere on his YouTube channel on January 27 at 12PM ET with new webisodes releasing every Monday and Wednesday.

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