There's not a lot that I want for Christmas this year. In fact, when asked, most years, I say that I don't really want anything, which is true. I have what I need, and mostly, I just want a nap. That's all. I'm pretty low-maintenance. But this year, along with World Peace, there is just one thing on my Christmas List, and it's a Baby Yoda Doll!

Even if you haven't watched "The Mandalorian" on Disney+ yet, you have to admit, this little bugger is adorable, in a space-sweety kind of way. To me, it doesn't matter if the internet has turned Baby Yoda eating both a frog, and enjoying soup into a meme. It also doesn't matter to me that there's a petition out there to get this tiny-tot his own emoji. I just want to scoop Baby Yoda up and hug him. Is that so strange? Maybe its something about those big black eyes, or those delightfully oversized ears. I can't quite explain why the mom in me just wants to cuddle him, but I do.

So Santa, if you're listening...if you could swing World Peace and a Baby Yoda doll, preferably with the frog and bowl, but I'll take him solo (like Han) as well, I'd be very grateful. If you want to send your elves to Amazon, here's the link.


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