Being left handed has always been a little strange for me. In most cases, no big deal. But every now and then, I find myself thinking how much easier it would be if I was right handed. I've totally adjusted to righty scissors, so that's never been a problem. But I never get seated in a comfortable spot at a dinner table. I'm always banging elbows with somebody.

But today, my left handed heroes, is OUR day. Today we get to rule the world, and let everyone else bask in our oddball glory. Science says we use more of our right-brain, which is the most creative. We're better at multi-tasking. We recover from strokes faster. But we also are more prone to allergies, migraines, and insomnia, according to

There's also a ton of celebrities who are left handed. Tom Cruise, Oprah, Ronald Reagan, Paul McCartney, and Mark Wahlberg.... all lefties.

Although, one thing that's always been very specific to each lefty, is how they write on paper. Some folks write straight across, and drag their hand through the ink, smearing it all over themselves and the paper. Or like I do, where I turn the whole piece of paper sideways, and write a bizarre angle to keep everything straight.

So maybe today, while you're walking around the office, sticking your nose into other people's business, take a moment to recognize your left handed friends. Give them a left handed high five. Pat them on the left shoulder... whatever. Just let them know they are loved.

In a left handed kinda way.

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