There's no doubt we've all been missing out on a lot of stuff lately; sporting events, celebrations like graduations, weddings and birthday parties and anything to do with live music in the form of concerts. These are all things that are no longer taking place, at least not for a while, as the world does what it can to socially isolate and flatten the curve of COVID-19.

Another right-of-passage that's had to fall by the wayside this year, and one that a lot of High School students are very disappointed about, is Prom. Some kids had already picked out their outfits and had their dresses and suits hanging up at home.

Well "Some Good News" host, John Krasinski, decided he was going to try to find a way to help people celebrate prom, safely from their own homes. So he hosted one online Friday night. He guested as the DJ,  but also got some of his famous friends to help with the musical selections.

Among them, The Jonas Brothers and Billie Eillish--none of whom had experienced a prom themselves, performed live...kind of...from their own respective homes.

So, it may not have been the same as an actual in-person celebration, but I think the spirit and intention was awesome. To get creative in the ways we can celebrate apart, until we are able to come together and celebrate in groups again, is something anyone can do. It just requires you to think outside the box, while not going outside of your home, I guess.

But as Krasinski shows us, it can be done!

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