Like many, I made an attempt to get caught up on Game Of Thrones before the Season 8 Premiere last night. And I can honestly say, I only made it through half of the first season. I just didn't have enough time, as much as I wish that I had! I tip my hat to those of you who actually binge-watched all 68 previous episodes, in advance of the new one.

I think that's why, when looking at some of the Game Of Thrones posts leading up to last night's debut, I thought James Corden's idea to make one of his staff writers, who had never seen a single episode, watch all of them in one sitting, was pretty funny. I could relate a bit to that struggle. But what made this especially amusing, having already seen the episodes myself, was to watch this guy's reactions to the major plot-twists and events, and his eventual decent into madness. Corden takes this poor writer into a room equipped with snacks, a couch, a TV, a bucket and a couple of cameras, and the what takes place....

Well, take a look for yourself.

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