Kylie Jenner is facing backlash from fans after she shared photos of birthday parties for her kids Stormi and Aire that were in the theme of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival.

On Wednesday (Feb. 2), Kylie Jenner hopped on her Instagram Story and shared snaps from Stormi's 5th birthday party, which included pics of an inflatable head that fans believed looked similar to Travis Scott's Astroworld album cover. Not only that, on Thursday (Feb. 2), Kylie posted photos from her 1-year-old son Aire's birthday party, which also featured an inflatable head modeled after Travis' 2018 LP artwork.

Aire's birthday party
Aire Birthday Party

Upon seeing the images, fans objected to the inflatable heads as birthday decorations, calling them "tasteless" and criticizing Kylie for being tone-deaf and disrespectful to the 10 victims who lost their lives at Travis' Astroworld Festival in November of 2021.

"@kyliejenner basically said “F*CK YOU!” to the families, friends & people that lost their loved ones at Astroworld. Using this theme for her son’s birthday is heartless and distasteful. Even though it was Travis’s concert, theming her son’s birthday from a tragedy is disgusting," tweeted one outraged person.

"Kylie and Travis choosing astroworld looking decor for their childrens party… yeah they not seeing heaven," wrote another fan.

"Why does Kylie do an Astroworld themed birthday party for stormi every year… you have so much money try something new," a third person railed.

Although there are no mention of "Stormiworld" in any of the photos or videos, Kylie Jenner has been hosting Stormiworld-themed birthday parties, which featured an inflatable head of Stormi, for the past few years.

Nevertheless, fans are not happy with Kylie Jenner's choice of birthday decorations.

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