Jay-Z and Beyoncé's 10-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, placed a bid for over $80,000 on a pair of diamond earrings at an auction in Los Angeles.

On Oct. 22, Blue Ivy Carter joined her parents, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, as they attended the Harlem Nights-themed 2022 Wearable Art Gala at the WACO Theater Center in Los Angeles. In what's been described as the highlight of the star-studded evening, Blue Ivy engaged in a bidding war with Monique Rodriguez, CEO and founder of Mielle Organics, the popular beauty brand that sponsored the gala.

In an expensive back-and-forth under the supervision of both Jay-Z and Beyoncé, which can be seen in the video below, Blue offered up more than $80,000 of her elite parents' hard-earned money in an attempt to obtain a pair of Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings that her grandmother and organizer of the event, Tina Knowles, was sporting that very night.

blue ivy carter bids over $80,000 on diamond earrings at the 2022 wearable art gala in Los Angeles
Mielle Organics

Ultimately, Blue Ivy Carter didn't end up taking home the coveted jewelry that once belonged to Beyoncé herself. The 10-year-old heir to the hip-hop throne was eventually outbid by Mielle Organics CEO, Monique Rodriguez, who laid down the final bidding price of $105,000.

beyonce and mielle organics ceo monique rodriguez at 2022 wearable art gala in los angeles.
Mielle Organics

While the attempted icy purchase to benefit the WACO Theater Center's artistic and youth mentorship programs didn't exactly end up in Blue Ivy's favor, this certainly isn't the first time Hov and Bey's charismatic offspring has been willing to offer up a small piece of her parents' fortune. In 2018, Blue offered up $19,000 on a winning bid for a painting titled "Young Sidney" by artist Tiffanie Anderson and in 2021, the Carters' daughter was seen rocking what is believed to be The Notorious B.I.G.'s iconic crown, which Jay-Z and Beyoncé presumably purchased at an auction for nearly $600,000.

See Blue Ivy Carter Bid Over $80,000 on a Pair of Diamond Earrings in the Video Below

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Big spendin'.

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