Taylor Swift is taking the world by storm as she continues to travel the country on her highly-anticipated Eras Tour.

This writer was lucky enough to see the singer-songwriter perform in Philadelphia prior to her arrival in Massachusetts this past weekend.

The show was absolutely fantastic, of course, but the thing that impressed yours truly the most was Taylor's ceaseless stamina. She began singing at 8pm, and didn't stop until 11:30pm. No breaks, no intermission, nothing. Just 3.5 magical hours that left you feeling like you had seen several concerts in one sitting.

Megan, Townsquare Media
Megan, Townsquare Media

Anyway, Taylor recently played three sold-out shows at Gillette Stadium to a sea of ecstatic New Englanders. Videos soon flooded the internet, depicting the singer in her element at "Foxy Foxborough...the most joyful place on earth" (her words, not ours).

Here's something that everyone discovers when going to concerts: if you're taking a video and singing along simultaneously, the recording device always picks up your voice. Always. This often has hilarious results, such as this TikTok from one concertgoer (@missangiej), whose Boston accent made an appearance during "Cruel Summer":

This video is absolutely hysterical, having received 530k+ views and 80k+ likes at the time of this writing. One commenter referred to the audio as "Cruel Summer: Boston Version", a reference to the albums Taylor is currently re-recording (click here to learn more). Another said the vocals sounded like Lois from Family Guy. Regardless, we're so glad Taylor's performance was a hit here in New England, and we send all the good vibes her way as her tour continues.

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