Folks in Maine probably consider this to be common knowledge, but for those of you who don't know, the Pine Tree State is the proud home of the world's largest inflatable lobster.

Sitting atop Taste of Maine Restaurant in Woolwich, Maine, sits Larry the Lobster, a towering inflatable crustacean standing at 12 feet high and 700 feet long. It also weighs a whopping 700 pounds, according to the below drive-by video shared by the restaurant.


Open since 1978, Taste of Maine Restaurant is not only Larry the Lobster's home, but serves the "freshest, sweetest seafood from the Atlantic Ocean". The addition of Larry was in celebration of the restaurant's then-40th anniversary back in 2018, according to News Center Maine.

Just look at this monstrous fellow. Talk about advertising your business in true Maine fashion.

Besides being the site of the world-champion lobster, it's impossible to mention Taste of Maine without discussing their famous "World's Largest Lobster Roll." Served on a toasted roll with lettuce and mayo, the World's Largest Lobster Roll is over two feet long and consists of almost two pounds of fresh Maine lobster. Sam Ramsdell, a viral TikToker and Mainer with the "World's Largest Mouth", shared the below video of her tackling this beast of a meal.

You can learn more about Taste of Maine's World's Largest Lobster Roll here.

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