Finally, some good news that involves robots taking over. If you’re in college, that is. Of course, one of the go-to jobs in college is food delivery so…you be the judge?

Either way, the Dominos Pizza Tracker can take a seat in the corner, because the Kiwibots are coming to the University of Maine Orono this fall. Don’t let the name mislead you – these robots deliver all types of food including, presumably, kiwis.

According to WFVX, the devices have built-in GPS devices to deliver food all over campus, and have 360-degree camera lenses that will help them avoid accidents and implement other safety measures. The school says they will operate off of subscriptions through the Everyday app.

If you live in the area and chalk this up as an advantage to being in a college town, guess again. The service will only be available for students on campus, and will only serve food made on campus (hear that, students? Just food. The robots will only discretely deliver food).

The bots should be up and running by the end of August, and the school insists they will remain operational even during rain and snowstorms this winter. On the school’s website, four meal plans are listed, including unlimited deliveries for the semester, 25 deliveries, 11 deliveries, and five deliveries.

Added bonuses? Loyalty points, and free deliveries on your birthday. And really, who doesn’t want a robot to bring them cake on their birthday?

Here’s hoping the New Englander seen walking his pet robot keeps it on a leash if he’s in Maine, so there aren't any bot bites.

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