As a native of New England, I can appreciate why anyone would want to live and work here.

We have so many great reasons.

Let me list five big ones right below:

  • We have the Ocean:  Granted, most of the year it's too cold to go swimming in it, but we DO go to the ocean at all times of the year.  Being at the ocean makes you feel more connected than any other place around.
  • We have Mountains:  The White and Green Mountains run right through New England, and they are only some of the mountains here.  There are plenty of peaks to climb.
  • We have four seasons:  I've heard it said my whole life that there is no other place to be besides New England in the fall.  It's just beautiful here.
  • Our seafood is the best in the world:  We literally catch the fish, fry it up in a pan, and put it in our belly.  If you grow up in New England, you know this to be true.  It's the best in the world.
  • There are artists everywhere:  Because we live in such a picturesque place, there are many artist towns across the region, like Camden, Maine, and Rockport, Massachusetts.

According to a survey by, there are nine New England towns that made the top 100 cities in the nation that people would most want to move to for a career switch.

Coming in at Number 4:  St. Johnsbury, Vermont

My brother Rick and my sister-in-law Becky have a place not far from St. Johnsbury, Vermont.  It is a beautiful, rural part of the country.

If you like cows and the smells that they make, this is the place for you.  Lots of rolling hills and countryside.

You'll need to buy a ride-on mower for the lawn.

Number 12:  Dover, New Hampshire

Hey now!  Dover!  This is where I am right now, and it's where I work every day.

I LOVE this little city, but the more it grows, the more traffic we have going through our main artery of the town, Central Avenue.

It's okay, my friend Emmett just told me about a shortcut to avoid the traffic.  Hale to Locust to Chestnut.  Remember that.

Here are the others that came up in the survey

  • Number 19, Lebanon, New Hampshire
  • Number 31, Cranston, Rhode Island
  • Number 34, Norwalk, Connecticut
  • Number 43 is Lowell, Massachusetts
  • Number 53, New Britain, Connecticut
  • Number 66, Quincy, Massachusetts
  • Number 77, Worcester, Massachusetts

If you are considering New England to move to (or want to move from one New England state/city to another), you don't need to stick to this list. There's a lot of great places to choose from, especially if you're looking to switch things up in your career.

Oh, and if you need help finding a place or want my opinion on a town that's not here (say, Peterborough, New Hampshire), I can tell you all about that little town.  Drop me a line anytime.

What's your favorite New England city?

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