There's something extremely comforting about getting up in the morning and having a big breakfast at a quintessential New England diner.  Lunch is equally delightful.  Eating in a diner feels like you're sitting in Mom's kitchen.  I just love them.

If you'd like to explore some of the best ones, according to LoveFood, check out this list, hit the road, and wear your baggy pants.  You're going to need the room.

What kind of New Hampshire-born woman would I be if I didn't start with this:

The Red Arrow Diner – Manchester, New Hampshire (and Other Locations)

Every politician that comes through New Hampshire (and there are a lot of them) has to stop by the Red Arrow.  If you go, you will see names of celebrities on the booth spaces.  The Red Arrow isn't very big, so you might want to go during off hours.  The food is outrageously delish, especially the pies.

Red Arrow/ Facebook
Red Arrow/ Facebook

The Palace Diner – Biddeford, Maine

One of the best things at the Palace Diner is their Deluxe Breakfast Sandwich.  What could be special about a breakfast sandwich, you ask?  Bacon, egg, cheddar, and PICKLED JALAPENOS on a grilled english muffin.  Oh. My. God.

Palace Diner/ Facebook
Palace Diner/ Facebook

A-1 Diner – Gardiner, Maine

The A-1 diner's Sunday brunch is a showstopper with menu items like Maine Crab Benedict, Aaron's Sausage, and Apple Griddle Cakes topped with local Maple Syrup and so much more.

A1 Diner/Facebook
A1 Diner/Facebook

I have two absolute favorite diners. One's in New Hampshire, the other in Maine.

Best Maine Diner

IMHO, Deb's Bristol Diner is the absolutely BEST.  There's really nothing on the menu that I've tried that I haven't liked.  My "usual" at Deb's is the Swimming Hole Hash with eggs and toast.  The bread is a homemade sunflower seed that is just heavenly.  Deb actually sells the bread, so you can take some home after you've eaten.  I took two loaves the first time I went.

Best New Hampshire Diner

If you want to go back in time a little bit, go to the Peterbough Diner in Peterborough, New Hampshire.  If you're not familiar with the town, think of a Norman Rockwell painting or Hallmark Movie. That's Peterborough.  For diner food, they have all the things you would expect, but the one thing that I need to point out is the chocolate cream pie.  It's so delish.  You can get a slice or take home an entire pie.

Where's your favorite diner?

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