Who doesn't love comfort food?

There's nothing like stuffing your face with heavy, calorie-filled, debaucherous food to satisfy the pallet and soul. Of course, it's special this time of year, when comfort food is the primary star of one holiday, and a secondary character in the other.

While it's a big thing for the early winter holidays, the comfort food craze is truly a year-long commitment. Spring has Easter and candy. Summer has BBQ and more BBQ. Fall has stews and bakes. Then we get right back to winter. It's amazing we aren't all 1500 lbs.

Now that we are all hungry, it's probably a great time to discuss an article recently posted by the popular folks over at Cheapism. The site took a close look at some of the best comfort food restaurants in all the land, including right here in Maine. Cheapism's pick for the Pine Tree State can be found in the Midcoast, right in the heart of Wiscasset. Of course, I'm talking abour Red's Eats.

Red's Eats has been a Maine institution for over 80 years. It's impossible to miss it, while driving through the village of Wiscasset. The small lobster shack typically has a line full of Mainers and tourists as long as the eye can see, and with good reason: the menu is delicious and full of comforts.

Red's Eats via Facebook
Red's Eats via Facebook

There's a wealth of comfort options at Red's, but it truly starts with their world-famous lobster roll. Nothing scrams comfort food like a solid mound of fresh lobster, coated in butter on a puffy bun. There's a reason why so many folks wait in line to try one. They are an exceptional representation of the true comfort of Maine dining.

However, it's not just about the lobster roll. The comforts continue with lobster dinners, a large selection of burgers, hot dogs, fried fish, and other seafood delights, and a number of tasty side items. The menu is wickedly massive, considering how small Red's actually is.

Red's Eats via Facebook
Red's Eats via Facebook

Don't just take my word for it. Here's a little from Cheapism on why Red's Eats is the Maine choice for comfort food.

The menu is full of classics...There's no inside seating, but grabbing a spot overlooking the Sheepscot River is part of the experience...Plenty of places claim to have Maine's best lobster roll; reviewers say Red's claim is definitely legit. Follow it with a whoopie pie, another Maine classic.

Congrats to Red's on yet more wonderful national recognition. And congrats on being a fine representative of a place that is truly loaded with delicious comfort food.

You can check out Red's menu here, as well as their seasonal operation schedule.

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