Move over, Chicago dog. Step back, Fenway Frank. There's only one wiener that reigns supreme in this country, and it comes from Maine.

Well, there's actually 19 hot dogs that top the rest, at least according to a recent article. And one of those can be found right here in the Pine Tree State.

The popular site Cheapism put together a list of the best regional hot dogs in America. The list included some pretty serious frankfurters, including Maine's own iconic red snapper.

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Found statewide, this authentic Maine sausage is the bee's knees. It's a perfect combination of well-seasoned meat, delicious juices, and a casing that only the angels could have invented. There's nothing like that "snap" when you bite in.

Man, I love a red snapper. It absolutely destroys the rest of the competition. Fenway Frank? Nathan's? Hebrew National? None of these should even be in the same hemisphere as the red snapper.

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Red Snappers are a year-round staple. They are perfect for cookouts, birthdays, ballgames, funerals, graduations, weddings, work parties, breakfast, lunch, dinner...I think you get the point. And unlike many of these other dogs on the list, the red snapper is a versatile vessel. Basically, any topping in the world can go on a red snapper and it will still taste like it came directly from Heaven.

Don't just take my word for it. Here is a little of why Cheapism selected the red snapper as one of their top regional dogs.

Distinctively bright red in hue, Maine’s unique Red Snapper hot dogs are popular not just for their appearance but also for their “snap” texture lamb (vs. synthetic) casing...this regional favorite is served in a split-style bun with your choice of toppings.

All hail the mighty red snapper. It's wonderful to see it listed as one of America's best regional hot dogs. But maybe it's just Maine's best food. Yes, I'm putting lobster in the corner.

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