Maine winters stink without snow.

Thank goodness there's finally some white stuff in the forecast, because this has been one miserable start to 2024.

Honestly, who enjoys cold, dreary, raining winters? It's like living the worst weather day in late March over and over again. It's also just unnatural. Maine was built for snow. The state's terrain needs the snow. Without the natural insulation, everything just goes to hell.

Maine winter and snow go together like Captain and Tinnelle. Hall and Oates (before they hated each other). West and Virginia. It's very difficult to have one without the other. And this is why I hate when I see Mainers continue to cheer for no snow.

Little cute girl sculpts a big snowman in winter in the park
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I have zero patience for Mainers who hate a snowy winter. I'm not sure if you all know this, but Maine is located in the Northern Hemisphere. It's over 3,000 miles from the Equator. This means you have voluntarily chosen to live in a state that gets cold and messy when October comes around, and typically lasts until mid-April. A state that typically is covered with the white stuff for months.

So, if you all hate a snowy winter, why are you here? Why would you subject yourself to a climate that doesn't jive with your way of life? Are you just weather masochists?

Low angle view of a skier throwing up snow while skiing on a mountain
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I say embrace the snowy weather. It's what Maine should be. It helps define us. We are a rugged bunch that embraces anything thrown our way. That's why you should all want as much snow as humanly possible. You know how tough you look when you have to shovel a path? Could you imagine a bunch of pathetic Southern Californians attempting to survive in blizzard-like conditions?

Don't be like Southern Californians. Be a Mainer. And start praying to the snow gods, because it's time for this state to get dumped on. Plus, I really want to cross-country ski. I'm get very bored on the weekends.

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