The latest jobs report is out, and it's mighty fine for Maine and most of New England., a personal finance website, recently published its annual report of the best & worst states for jobs.

Maine came in as the 14th best state for jobs, including a top-five ranking for its job market. These are quite the positive numbers for the Pine Tree State.

Maine's jobs score was 58.42. The scoring is on a 100-point system that's based on two major categories: job market and economic environment. These categories were broken down into 34 subcategories to make it as detailed as possible. You can read more about the methodology here.

Maine's economic environment ranking was just 33rd. It was probably brought down by subcatories like commute-friendly jobs and average starting salaries. These are subjects that are not necessarily known for being strong here.

However, Maine bounced back with a 5th ranking in its actual job market. This includes job opportunities, unemployment rate, and job security. It's great to see our state thrive in this category. It's a testament to both the employers and employees. The job force is strong, my friends. We should all be proud.

Maine wasn't the only New England state to fare well in the report. Vermont was the highest ranked in the region at 4th overall. Massachusetts was 9th, Rhode Island 10th, and New Hampshire 11th. And then there was Connecticut. The Nutmeg State managed just a 33rd ranking, proving once again that it should not be part of New England.

As for the best state for jobs, that would be Washington, followed by Virginia and Utah. Meanwhile, the worst place for jobs went to West Virginia. Sadly, the Mountain State tends to find itself pretty low on many of these reports. At least there's decent college football there. Click here to check out the entire list.

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