I think the question I hear the most these days is "where's the foliage?"

It's a great question, and one that I have wondered myself. I also wonder what type of negative effect the rainy summer may be playing.

We have reached the point where peak season typically starts to hit. According to maine.gov, "peak" season for Northern Maine is the end of September. That's followed by mid-October for Central and Western Maine, and then closer to the end of October for Southern Maine.

As we have reached October, I must say that a lot of the state is still rather green. However, there have been some signs of life. And thanks to the Maine Fall Foliage Report, we can see exactly where things stand.

Drumroll, please...

We have signs of foliage life, folks. This is a great sign.

The map above is from mainefoliage.com. The site closely monitors the state on a weekly basis as it goes through the season.

It nice to see the majority of the state is finally starting to see some color. However, it is still seemingly behind schedule.

According to the map, Northern Maine is still in the "high" season. As mentioned above, it should be deep into "peak" season at this time. It will be interesting to see if the state catches up at all, or if Maine's foliage season leaks into November.

I will say, it's probably not a great sign that parts of the state are still green. I have the feeling "peak" season may not be much in that region. Hopefully I'm wrong, because Maine's statewide foliage can be quite special.

You can follow along with the weekly reports here.

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