If you have lived in Maine anytime between the 70s and the late 90s, you no doubt remember Bonanza Steakhouse.

The first Bonanza was opened in 1963 by actor Dan Blocker, who played Eric "Hoss" Cartwright on the massively successful TV series Bonanza airing from 1959 to 1973.

Bonanza was a cafeteria-style restaurant where you would take a tray and select sides, salads, desserts, and beverages. At the end of the line, you would order your main course, which for most people was steak. They would give you a plastic number to put on your table and when your steak was ready, they would bring it to you. It was a great place for families to go for dinner.

At one time, this national chain of steakhouses had grown to over 600 locations across the United States, including several here in Maine. But then the chain began to decline and today only 29 Bonanza Steak Houses remain in business.

All but two of the Bonanzas in Maine ended up closing their doors, leaving just Sanford and Preqsuqe Isle locations still in business. They hung in there but both ended up closing around the time of the COVID-19 pandemic which hit the restaurant business hard.

Since then, the buildings of the restaurants have either been torn down and replaced, gotten new businesses to take up the space or are still sitting there for sale. What's in these buildings today? Take a look at six former Bonanza Steakhouses and see what they look like now.

Here's What Six Former Bonanza Steakhouses in Maine Look Like Now

Here's What Six Former Bonanza Steakhouses in Maine Look Like Now

Gallery Credit: Jeff Parsons

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