It seems like it happens every time there's a storm with high winds that creates big waves on Maine's coast. People want to get up close to have a look at the size of the waves during a storm. That is until those waves come up and slap you hard in the face.

That was what happened during the recent storm when a group of people got up right next to the fence behind Portland Headlight to watch the angry sea. Suddenly a massive wave came crashing up over the rocks through the group of people watching right into the base of the lighthouse and the person shooting the video. Surprise!

Luckily no one was hurt, but this could have been a really bad scene. You don't want to mess with Mother Nature because she will win every single time.

Winds on this day were topping out at 60 to 70 miles per hour and that stirred up the ocean, which is why these people went there to witness it. Even though these weren't hurricane-force winds, which need to be sustained at 74 miles per hour or more, those gusts are still dangerous and possibly deadly if you're on the shore.

The size of the waves seen here could knock someone down injuring them or worse yet, could cause them to fall into the ocean which is where you do NOT want to be when a storm like this hits us.

If you want a look at the ocean during these storms, for your safety, stay well back from the shore. You'll still be able to see those waves just fine from further away.

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