Jon Stewart has returned as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central for the political season for one day out of the week, and he came back with a bang for fans of the show.

He originally hosted from 1999 to 2015, and changed the format to the political and news satire that he has become known for. Now he hosts just on Mondays.

On the February 26 show, Maine's Seeds of Peace International Camp was featured when discussing how to have a safe and free Israel and Palestine. Seeds of Peace was founded in 1993, and brings youth from areas of conflict to its camp on Pleasant Lake in Otisfield, Maine.

Google Maps
Seeds of Peace camp entrance on  Powhatan Road in Otisfield Maine - Google Maps

Over 8,000 teenagers have graduated from Seeds of Peace's leadership programs since the camp opened. They spent time at the camp with others whom they had never met before, and learned valuable lessons in the hope that they would choose peace over violence if they ever faced that choice, and would encourage others to do so as well.

Stewart suggested three solutions for peace, with the first being Seeds of Peace. When they cut to a clip of a CBS news segment highlighting the camp, he acted surprised that they were 14 to 16-year-old Israelis and Palestinians. "Okay, that one hasn't been scaled up yet," he said. "It may take longer than we have unless we just bring the whole f----ing region to Maine."

We've cued up the segment for you in this YouTube clip.

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