Patrick Dempsey in Scream 3

Even the biggest of Patrick Dempsey fans, whether ensorcelled by his good looks and charm as "Dr. McDreamy," Derek Shepherd, on Grey's Anatomy, or just being loyal to a kid from Lewiston, Maine, making it to the big time, may completely forget one of his earlier roles in the early 2000s.

In Scream 3, Patrick played the role of Detective Mark Kincaid, who was assigned to the case of discovering the identity of the murder causing havoc on the Stab 3 set.

Miramax via YouTube
Miramax via YouTube

At the end of Scream 3 -- and sorry, not sorry, for the spoiler, but this movie is 24 years old so if you haven't seen it by now... -- Detective Kincaid and the main character, Sidney Prescott (played by Neve Campbell), are seen on a bit of a double date of sorts.

Mark Kincaid in Scream 5

Even though Patrick didn't actually appear as Detective Kincaid in Scream 5, his character was alluded during a scene where it was mentioned that Sidney and Mark actually got married, according to the Scream Wiki.

Mark Kincaid in Scream 6

Detective Kincaid is also mentioned in Scream 6, according to the Scream Wiki, as being in hiding with Sidney, although neither of them appear in that installment of the franchise, which was released in 2023.

But all of that looks like it's about to change.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Patrick Dempsey in Scream 7

There has been a massive shakeup to the cast of Scream 7, who first lost one of its lead stars, Jenna Ortega, due to a filming conflict with the second season of her hit Netflix series Wednesday.

And recently, another lead star, Melissa Barrera (whose character plays the older sister of Jenna's character), was recently fired from the film due to questionable social media posts, according to Variety.

Facing a full reboot of the next installment of the franchise, the staff of Scream 7 managed to sign Neve Campbell aboard to reprise her role of Sidney, and it sounds like Patrick may not be far behind, as rumors are heavy on him bringing back his Detective Kincaid role.

Patrick Dempsey in Thanksgiving

The irony of all this? Patrick, who isn't exactly known for his horror movie roles, is fresh off starring in one, paying the role of Sheriff Eric Newlon in Thanksgiving.

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