Mainers are very familiar with a road sign in the small, sparsely populated, unorganized territory of South Oxford called Lynchville. It can be found at the corners of Routes 35 and 5, and has been there for almost 100 years in one form or another.

It points the way and gives the distance to several towns in Maine named after cities in foreign countries: Norway, Paris, Denmark, Naples, Sweden, Poland, Mexico, Peru and China.

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It's changed a little over the years due to weathering, but the current one doesn't look that different from the original.

But it's not the only sign that points the way to towns in Maine with something in common.

As you drive through Casco on Route 121, you'll come across the historic Casco Village, right near Pleasant Lake. It's a village that still looks much like it did years ago.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But as you head south and go past the town library, you'll see a sign that looks similar to the one in Lynchville, tucked away at the end of a fence.

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Google Maps

Like its counterpart, it points the way to several Maine towns, but can you tell what they all have in common?

  • Washington
  • Jefferson
  • Madison
  • Monroe
  • Jackson
  • Van Buren
  • Harrison
  • Garfield Plantation
  • Lincoln
  • Clinton

Every single town is also the last name of a former President of the United States.

This sign is much newer than the Lynchville sign, as the earliest it could have been put up was 1993 (the year that Bill Clinton took office). Look for it next time you head through Casco Village.

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