Social Media Influencers

At first thought, more often than not, the term "social media influencer" usually gets a bad wrap and a ton of negativity associated with it, depending on the generation.

To the generation that "walked five miles uphill both ways barefoot in the snow," influencers are seen as lazy kids that just want to go viral for eating Tide Pods, dancing on video, and make easy money.

To Gen Z, influencers are seen as celebrities and oftentimes at a level that the everyday Gen Z'er one day hopes to reach, both success-wise, following-wise, and money-wise.

babiesofsteele via Instagram / samramsdell5 via Instagram
babiesofsteele via Instagram / samramsdell5 via Instagram

Maine Influencers

That's not always the case, though, as there are a lot of influencers, like two of the most popular on all of social media that call Maine home, who work other jobs and literally just spread goodness on their accounts.

For example, Mainer Meredith Steele focuses not only on trying different popular products with honest reviews given, but also highlights mental health as well. She comes off as relatable and gives off a real "you're not alone in thinking/feeling this way" vibe.

Samantha Ramsdell, a Mainer who holds the Guinness World Record for largest mouth gape, takes a more comedic angle with her account, both sarcastically exhibiting her world record gape with eating monstrous food items, but some of her most popular videos include her partner James, who re-enact viral couples videos in the most hilarious ways.

platesofportlandmaine via Instagram
platesofportlandmaine via Instagram

Maine Restaurants

There's another super popular and valued local Maine influencer who uses her powers for good. Whether she's highlighting date spots, best area drinks, or any and everything in between, Jordan Brocklesby uses her Plates of Portland, Maine Instagram page to hype up restaurants both in and out of Portland.

And she actually does an award-winning job, voted as the Portland Old Port Best Instagram and TikTok of 2023.

She also looks like Kylie Jenner, at least in this picture.

No, seriously. To the point that while scrolling on the Gram, this writer saw this picture and thought two things:

1) Why is Kylie Jenner in Maine?

2) Why is Kylie Jenner wearing a bowtie pasta jacket?

But let's be real -- Kylie Jenner will never reach the level of Jordan, who has done so much good for local businesses and has helped them make money instead of lining her own pockets with an overpriced cosmetics line.

Plus, no way could Kylie pull off an epic New Englander fashion trend like a bowtie pasta jacket.

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