Do you know how many times I've gone out of way to catch a meteor shower any time the science guys tell us to keep a lookout? Do you know how many times I've actually been able to catch a live meteor falling from the sky? Zero.

Then there's this live broadcast out of Boston that casually captured a falling meteor in the background. Here's what 7 News, WHDH BOSTON had to say.

"We had an out of this world ending to our 6:30 p.m. newscast today when a meteor passed over the city of Boston! We heard from a few eagle-eyed viewers who spotted the shooting star and have zoomed in on the clip to get a closer look"

Things like this ONLY ever happen when you're not trying, I swear. Look at this:

The meteor passed over the city at exactly 6:30 p.m., and sparked a pretty big interest across the internet and those who caught it live. I mean, naturally.

The comment section on this video is funny. New Englanders are saying it was so big that they could see it from as far away as NY.

Jon Prendaman on Facebook said that he "saw it on Long Island NY … jogging around 6:58 pm".

James Perry also commented, saying that he "actually saw this in Pawtucket heading home to Attleboro from Dinner".

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