Hailing from Cumberland, Maine, 22 year-old Julia Gagnon unfortunately did not advance into the Top 5 of American Idol as of last night. But is it really that unfortunate? From everything I've seen come from American Idol, my opinion is that the runner-ups and artists still in the Top 10 continue to move forward in their careers despite not winning the actual competition.

Let's look at Adam Lambert. He lost to a dude named Kris Allen in 2009. Ask yourself right now, when is the last time you've heard the name 'Kris Allen'? I know I haven't. However, Adam Lambert is a staple in the music industry, and I'm sure you've heard his name a lot more than Allen's.

Let's look at Screen Rant's list of the 10 Most Successful American Idol Losers Ever. Jennifer Hudson lost in Season 3 and came in 7th place. Jennifer Hudson is still a staple name in the music industry.

Chris Daughtry lost American Idol in Season 5, coming in 4th place. Still a staple name in the music industry.

Even Clay Aiken was Season 2's runner-up and went on to have a wildly successful career.  To tell you the truth, I don't even know who won against Clay. That's how much I've only heard his name over the years over the actual winner that season. Ruben Studdard, that's the name. I had to google it.

There are so many other artists that have gone on to create a huge career for themselves after being a contestant on American Idol. They didn't have to win the competition to do so, and I truly believe Julia is also on track to do the same.

So go ahead, Julia. Continue to show the world what you've got. You're beautiful, you're super talented, and your heart will take you far!

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