Firstly, I need to thank the sweetheart who is Julia Gagnon, the girly with a more than impressive run on American Idol. Though her schedule is wildly busy from the runoff of the competition, she was still humble enough to come co-host Krissy in the Morning earlier this year. Julia finished the national competition in the Top 7, which is unbelievable. And although she didn't win American Idol, it sounds like that was what she wanted.

No, Julia didn't win American Idol, but her ambitions are way higher than stopping just at the title of that show. She said on-air that:

It's hard to beat the title that is 'American Idol'. I mean, where do you go from there? By losing the competition, it allows me to go home to Maine and focus on my own path.

You can listen to the full conversation here.


I'll be honest, I love that she said this. I wrote a whole theory behind why I personally believe that it's in her best interest to have lost American Idol. From everything I've witnessed in this industry, I think it's best to gain the publicity, then use it to branch off into what you truly want to do with your career. Nobody tells you what to do, say, or wear. Nobody can dictate your future the way they could if you're under the grip of a producer or manager you didn't choose. There are so many other beneficial reasons behind losing this competition, and you can read more of them here.

Anyways, Julia, I am rooting for you in more ways than one, and believe in your vision. Go get the world, girlfriend. You're talented enough to make your dreams happen, and you've got all of Maine behind you!

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