It's always fun when Jeopardy! has a question that relates to Maine. While those of us watching here in the Pine Tree State are yelling the question at the TV, the contestants are sometimes dumbfounded, like these three in the category called "Moose-ellaneous" that of course had a question about Maine. This episode aired on April 10, 2023.

Neither Rachel, Robbi, nor PJ could come up with the correct response of "Pine Tree."

Robbi Ramirez from Orlando, Florida, turned things around when he returned for the Winter 2024 Champions Wildcard competition on January 23, 2024, where contestants were trying to grab a spot in Jeopardy!'s annual tournament of champions.

The Final Jeopardy! answer for the three contestants was in the category of U.S. Business Founders:

A 1934 note to him: “Received hunting clothes… and thank you for those wonderful shoes they fit perfect… your friend, Babe Ruth”

Do you know the question? I'm betting you do.

Both Lynn and Robbi responded with the correct question, but Zani picked the wrong outfitter.

The correct question was "Who is L.L. Bean?" The legendary baseball player Babe Ruth was an avid hunter and bought his hunting clothing, including Bean Boots from L.L. Bean by mail order, and was so pleased with them that he sent a note to Leon Leonwood Bean in 1934 to thank him.

It reads:

"Received hunting clothes and the fit perfectly.  Have been wokring very hard on Radio records I have been so busy that this is the first chance I had to write and thank you those wonderful shoes they fit perfect. Thanking you again I remain your friend,

Babe Ruth”

Robbi moves on to the semi-finals and has a good shot at being the Tournament of Champions, thanks to knowing a little something about Babe Ruth and Maine's L.L. Bean.

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