This story is just so heart-wrenching.

Ghost is a white husky who had been missing since November. The Sun Journal reported that the ending of this story was not what anyone wanted. Ghost's body was found this week in a roadside ditch, and had been there for at least a month.

James Ember Facebook
James Ember Facebook

Ghost's person, James Ember, had spent so much energy and time looking for Ghost. They thought that Ghost was spotted in Acton about 70 miles away. James spent a week looking, and then returned home with his other dog Charlie to retrieve Ghost.

He wrote on his Facebook page,

We just dug Ghosty Boy out of the deep snow. He's now in my car.
Charlie understands that this is his brother.
He's staying close and he's so sweet while I weep.
I never stopped trying to find my boy.
I'm so tired.
He was such a good boy, I love him so much.
That's not how this story was supposed to end.

But the dog they thought was Ghost, also a white husky, has been running wild in Acton for a long time. The area homeowners tried to capture the wayward dog. James thought it was Ghost, until he got close enough to see that it wasn't. But he hopes to be this dog's new person.

I don't know how this place works but it seems to me that his spirit is in this new girl that had us believing that she was Ghost.
She'll either be Shadow or Spirt or Casper. Maybe I'll let her decide.
She's not yet caught but everything is in place for her to come home to her new family soon.


The sad ending has a whole community mourning...

James Ember Facebook
James Ember Facebook

James ends his Facebook post talking to Ghost and how much he meant to so many,

Rest in peace my Ghosty Boy.
I wish you could know how many people cared about you.
Your life and death have affected whole communities.

James, I'm so sorry for your loss, and I know that the new white husky entering your life will help you heal.

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