Living in a very woodsy state is beautiful until you're driving down a back road late at night and suddenly it becomes a game of deer frogger.

We've all got our own stories about the one time we've hit a deer in our vehicles. It's kind of a part of being a Mainer, right?

What I didn't know is that you can actually do all sorts of good for people when this terrible thing happens and the animal is killed.

Have you heard of Maine Hunters for the Hungry?

What is Maine Hunters for the Hungry?

According to Maine Hunters for the Hungry,

"H4H is a program administered by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. The purpose of the program is to secure wild game meat to provide to hunger relief organizations throughout the state of Maine."

While many hunters can use it to share their meat, you'd be surprised to know that the program can also be considered during a deer car crash or roadkill in general.

What? Yup.

How many times have you hit a poor animal and felt so guilty? Hopefully this can alleviate some guilt you might feel when it happens to you, knowing that although it's a sad situation, you can turn into a positive one by helping others. Truthfully, a lot of people eat deer or bear meat as a delicacy, so if the animal you injured ends up being eligible for donation, you're really giving out a five-star meal!

Maine Hunters for the Hungry states that sometimes the "roadkill is too far gone for our processors to make it into useable meat. However, there are instances when it’s a good fit and edible meat is salvaged."

Who knew?

Get more info on the program right here.

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