Sometimes, we may take for granted exactly how spoiled we are in New England.

Truly, if you think about it, there is not one season that goes by when we aren't surrounded by beauty and activities, no matter where you're located geographically in the region.

During summer, there are plenty of beaches, lakes, and ponds to bask in the summer glow, get a bit sunkissed, and swim around with friends and family. During spring, there are plenty of gorgeous areas to see everything come into bloom. There are plenty of mountains to ski, board, and tube down during winter.

And during fall, quite possibly the best season of all in New England, there are endless areas to breathe in the fresh, crisp, cool air and see various areas of the region change color during foliage season.

Photo by Peter James Eisenhaure on Unsplash
Photo by Peter James Eisenhaure on Unsplash

The unfortunate thing about foliage season, though, is for the length of time it actually takes for it to start and reach peak foliage, it ends up becoming a real "blink and you'll miss it" moment.

In fact, as of this writing right now, there are already parts of both Maine and New Hampshire that are already past peak foliage, while other areas of both states are close to or already in peak foliage, and the remaining areas still have a bit of way to go.

Maine and New Hampshire, though, are not the only places in New England that have gorgeous, picturesque foliage views to take in, as areas of Vermont, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts are also littered with foliage beauty.

In fact, look no further than the Only in Boston Instagram page for a list of the absolute best roads in New England to see fall foliage before it's too late and past peak season.

Have you driven these roads for leaf peeping before? Do you have any areas that didn't make the list that you'd suggest are as good as, if not, better than what's on the above list?

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