There's no denying that Maine is one of the biggest vacation destinations for anyone across the country -- heck, probably even the world. (They don't call us "Vacationland" for nothing, ya know!)

We have EVERYTHING here -- beautiful foliage in the fall, delicious lobstahs and chowdah in the summer; trails, oceans, lighthouses, mountains, A FLIPPIN NATIONAL PARK -- we have EVERYTHING. So, when a woman from El Reno, Oklahoma (just outside of Oklahoma City), Annie Fisher, posted in the Everything Maine Facebook group that she was planning on visiting us soon and wanted suggestions on what and where to visit -- she was overwhelmed with responses.

So here it is -- the amazing sights in Maine that are must-see spots for people from away, according to Mainers!

The Amazing Maine Sights Mainers Say People From Away Need to Visit

Mainers list the must-see areas of the state to anyone visiting from away.

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