Summer has officially arrived in Maine and we've been waiting too long for this. June has just been the worst so far when it comes to nice weather. Temperatures have struggled some days to make 60, Memorial Day was a washout as was the day of the Pride Parade in Portland where it rained all day.

They say April showers bring May flowers, but what June rain brings me is the inability to mow my lawn because it's always wet.

News Center Maine Meteorologist Keith Carson has been showing his frustration with this weather pattern as well on his Facebook and Twitter pages. It's especially frustrating when the forecast looked like we'd get some 80-degree weather with lots of sun, but we got robbed of that and will now only have partly sunny skies and 75. Still not bad, but that 85+ sounded good.


In case you don't know, or don't remember, The University of Maine reminds us that the summer of 2009 in Maine had temperatures in 90s in April. By the time June rolled around it started to rain. A lot.

It wasn't until August that it finally let up and August and September were the summer we were waiting for. We're all waiting patiently for that summer again here in 2023.

The graphic that Keith shared on Twitter on June 20 really puts June in perspective when it comes to rainfall. The calendar shows all the days in June that rain fell in Maine, measuring anywhere from a trace to a few of those deluges we had.

As of June 20, only June 11 and June 12 saw zero rain. Every other day in June had at least a trace with the majority of days having decent amounts of rain.

Hopefully, the end is near, but let's look on the bright side. At least this wasn't snow, right?

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