It was last September when the folks at Mason's Brewing Company announced they would be expanding their operation to the Downeast region.

Mason's co-owner, Chris Morely, excitedly posted on social media that they had purchased a long-time, family-run restaurant in the Machias area and had big plans for the place.

"We are going to acquire the Bluebird Ranch Restaurant which has been a 30-year staple down there and do a little renovation."

Artist Rendering of New Mason's Location, Mason's Brewing Company
Artist Rendering of New Mason's Location, Mason's Brewing Company

"Mason's is humbled and honored for the opportunity to carry on this tradition in Machias while bringing our unique style of terrific craft beer, imaginative food, and top-quality service to the Downeast region of Maine."

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 Morely explained that they took possession of the building last October, but would need to do some work to it first, before opening.
"... do an internal demolition. We'll just revamp it, modernize it, put a bar in, do some things like raise the ceiling."
They originally wanted to be open by this St. Paddy's Day but were delayed.
After months and months of work, it would appear that they're putting the finishing touches on the new place and will be getting ready to open by the end of next month.
This week, management released this little teaser photo of Mason's new Machias digs on its new Masons Downeast Facebook Page, with this little note:
"Hey folks, here's a little sneak peek at our new location in #machias....opening soon."
Mason's New Machias Location, Mason's Downeast
Mason's New Machias Location, Masons Downeast
While Mason's beer will be served at the new location, it will still be produced at their flagship brewery in Brewer.
Morely says plans for a new build in Auburn have been suspended for now.
He says he hopes the Machias location will be ready to go by the end of August. Once they have a finalized date, we'll let you know.

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