This part of Spring can be the toughest sometimes.

We're finally starting to get a taste of warm weather in Maine. Nothing serious yet, but we've had some glimpses of what's in store, once we finally cross the temperature threshold. But the anticipation is always the hardest part. You look at the forecast, and it keeps going up, but we haven't really hit the good warm weather yet.

So far, there hasn't been a 70 degree days yet. We've had some solid days in the 60's though. However, thanks to historic weather data from the Portland International Jetport, we can make a pretty safe guess, based on the information given. Sure, nothing is exact, but we can get the average.

So when will the super nice days arrive?

Sun in hands
Sun in hands

According to WGME, who analyzed the data from the Jetport, our first 70+ degree days could arrive right around April 19th. That wouldn't be too bad. Although, I'm pretty sure that came and went this year, with no 70 degree days. Maybe in isolated, non-official areas. But not at the Jetport yet. Again, this is the average.

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As far as 80+ degree days, those typically arrive around May 9th. Also not so far away. But I'd be happy if we could just hit the 70 mark first. I mean, if we have to skip it and head straight into 80 degree weather, I guess I could live with that, hahaha. But only time will tell if we can hit either mark by May 9th.

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What were some of the earliest and latest arrivals?

The earliest it's ever hit the 70 degree mark was March 9th, 2020. Not so long ago... The longest it's ever take to hit 70 was in 2011. That year we didn't hit it until May 24th. The earliest 80 degree day since 1941, when the Jetport earnestly started tracking this info, was March 22nd, 2012. And the latest was June 29th, 1958.

Hopefully we don't take until the end of June to hit 80. On the other hand, with all the chit-chat that we're about to have a wicked hot and humid summer, we'll probably look to delay some of that as long as we can. Unless you're one of those weirdos who loves hot, humid weather. But for real... You're aliens.

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