This spring has slowly been getting better.

I kind of rolled into this part of the year with super-low expectations, because I didn't want to be let down the way we all were last summer. The weather was never really on our side the whole time. This spring kind of started out the same way. Lots of rain... Heck, even a huge snow storm to kick it all off. In April... Nuts.

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But since then, Mother Nature seems to act like she owes us a little favor for how crappy it's been all year. We've had a ton of 60+ degree days, and even broke the 70 degree barrier a few times. But the 80 degree mark has been alluding us a bit, even though we're well past the average for this time of year.

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Some spots seem headed for the 80's next week.

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Comparing the forecasts from the National Weather Service and the Accuweather forecast, it would seem we're quite possibly headed for our first warm, summerlike day. Like I said, I'm not particularly dissatisfied with where we're at, just looking to get summer started a little early, since we didn't really have one last year.


But sometime around Monday / Tuesday next week, the temps are climbing well into the 70's. That said, there's been a trend this spring, of the temps moving a little north of the predicted temps, which is always welcome. I just hope that isn't the case the whole summer. I'd hate to be told it's going to be 75, just to kick it up to 95, hahaha.

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Of course, a lot can change between now and next week, but it's looking good either way. Maybe we're being a bit spoiled right out of the gate this year, but let's just roll with it. The weather will likely "Maine" us soon enough, and head straight back into the toilet. Just cross your fingers and don't make Mother Nature mad.

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