Brewer High School students, taking part in a class called "The Power Of Art" are getting ready to see just how much of an impact their art can have to benefit those around them.

Art Teacher Kat Johnson says the students have been learning about how art can enact change in the community, so they're setting up a special fundraiser, based on a national art fundraiser, to raise money for the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter.

Brush and bright oil-paint palette for backgroun.

"The charity is inspired by the Empty Bowls art project, an organization that creates ceramics to sell to raise money for those who are unable to purchase food and basic necessities."

Pottery from the Provence

The local event called "Ceramics For A Cause" will take place in the Brewer High School Cafeteria on Thursday, May 30th from 4 PM to 7 PM.

She says close to 200 Brewer High students will be making pottery over the April vacation, to donate to the cause.

Portrait of two students coloring clay pots in a pottery class

"The movement now has millions of people yearly contributing to the cause, the Ceramics For A Cause fundraiser only being a small part of this huge movement...We will be auctioning off student made mugs, bowls, and plant pots to raise money for the homeless shelter. Ceramics will be displayed for sale, along with a few other miscellaneous items for those that are interested."

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Johnson says there will also be a pot-luck dinner presented at that time, along with a photo booth and some musical entertainment.

While the event is free to attend, there is a suggested donation of $5.

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