Three women from Warren were arrested Wednesday after a drug bust at an Eastern Road Residence Wednesday.

Maine State Police Spokesperson Shannon Moss says 63-year-old Denise Richards, 34-year-old Marissa Widdecomb, and 33-year-old Claire Turner were arrested.

The women were taken into custody, without incident, on charges of drug trafficking, possession of scheduled drugs, and failure to appear in court after a month-long investigation by Maine DEA agents and members of the Knox County Sheriff's Department uncovered Methamphetamines, Fentanyl, and a handgun at the residence the women were sharing.

Widdecomb and Turner are being held without bail, while Richards' bail was set at $25,000 cash.

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Richards had already been sentenced, at the end of March, to serve time in prison related to a suspected overdose that happened at her home earlier that month. In that case, a 52-year-old woman died.


"Richards was sentenced on March 28, 2024, in Knox Unified Court to 7 years in prison, all but 5 months suspended, to be followed by 3 years of probation for her December 2023 guilty plea. The court granted a 'Stay of Execution of Sentence' until May 10, 2024, when Richards would be required to report to the Knox County Jail to serve her 5-month jail sentence. Additional charges will be reviewed related to Richards violating court conditions set while on her 'Stay of Execution of Sentence'."

Moss says Richards has also had prior charges of Aggravated Trafficking in scheduled drugs in connection with another overdose death of a 42-year-old Rockland woman in July of 2021 in Rockland.

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